Apostle Diane C. Crawford, the founder, is an ordained apostle under the covering of Bishop Sandra Hayden of the Apostolic Alliance Kingdom Connection of Baltimore, Maryland. A woman dedicated to fulfilling God's call on her life, she is an Intercessor and an Anointed Teacher of the Gospel. She has always had a vision to help women that were in need of spiritual deliverance and help them live productive lives. Apostle Diane C. Crawford speaks at local churches, conferences, seminars, and workshops. She established the National Phlebotomy Association, Inc., in 1978; Diane's House Ministries, Inc., in 1990; and Family Life Worship Center International, Inc., in 1998.

Our Mission

Our mission at Diane's House Ministries is to provide housing, counseling, and life skills to a population of women who are: veterans, recovering addicts, victims of domestic violence, and ex-offenders.

Our Goals

  • To offer a safe and healthy environment for women to grow. To  give women an opportunity  to change their lives by providing them with temporary  housing for up to 2 years.
  • To foster healthy relationships as an alternative to street life and crime.
  • To promote educational and vocational activities that will improve their quality of life.
  • To encourage a network of continuum care services through partnerships with federal, state, and community organizations. To assist these women with a successful reintegration.
  • To participate in research activities with the aid of HMIS ( Homeless Management Information Systems) data to increase awareness in the areas of woman's health and homelessness issues.

Our Future

We are committed to maintaining a fruitful partnership with all government agencies. Remaining responsive to the needs of our communities by offering services that will benefit homeless and disenfranchised women in our community. We will continue to establish ourselves as a primary transitional facility for the District and also assisting the surrounding counties in their homeless program needs. We are committed to our cause and are determined to continually look for better ways to meet the needs of those we serve.