While attending a Depression Program and eventually getting a case manager  through the Department of Veteran Affairs Homeless Resource Center, I was referred to Diane’s House Ministries.  That same week, VA was hosting Winter Haven at the Veterans Hospital.  It was while attending this event that I met the Diane's House Ministries' Administrator at one of the Resource Booths.  She interviewed me there and said that Diane’s House Ministries would be in touch.  I was able to move in about three weeks later.  I spent 19 months at DHM.  After my first year, I was allowed to remain another one year term. During my stay, I have been able to work on rebuilding my life and also to seek and remain employed. In the past year, I am off medications and have been afforded the opportunity to gain control of my life and spirit.  Diane’s House Ministries has rules and guidelines that must be followed; but it is clean and has home-like qualities and good staff.  Everything has simply been a blessing and a life help for me.  Some of the journey had one or two bumps, but overall, I will have to say to anyone in need of a clean, disciplined, and concerned environment free of some of the torment and problems that come with some shelters and transitionals; the House is not a magic house, no magicians run it or work there.  You must come in with a desire to get a grip on life,  thirst for the better things to do and  have in life.  This house belongs to Diane’s House Ministries. They open their doors to receive and help.  You are able to formulate your own opinion and decisions.  A show of gratitude goes a long way.  No one is on lock and key.  The door opens and closes on your request.  Please come with some degree of understanding guidelines, other residents, respect, and maintaining your own growth. Get what’s needed for you and offered to you. I have not neglected to thank my honorees of class act in outreach.  I would like to thank Apostle Crawford and all of the  Diane's House Ministries staff for the help, guidance, and kindness.